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Drain Trap/HASTOP/Prevent yucky smell insect and bacteria

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  • MaterialSILICON, PC
  • Weight100 g
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T

[DEWBELL Co.,Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information



1. No bad smell coming from drain!
It prevents yucky smell and bacteria as well as toxic gas coming from sewer.

2. No insects!
There are numerous harmful insects in sewer and they enter house through any tiny hole. HASTOP can block those insects perfectly.

3. Fast drainage
Unlike other cheap products, it has spiral structure for the better drainage. It lasts for long and the wings help to drain faster.

4. Reasonable price, Easy to install!
Dubell only produces practical and useful products. You can get HASTOP at a cheap cost and install it easily.


5. Great for various places!
There are two types for the floor drain and multipurpose each. You can install it anywhere in house.
(bathroom floor, washstand, sink, washing machin, porch etc)



 For bathroom (small size)

For multi-purpose (large size)



For 43~75mm drain (most drains on bathroom floor)      
Available to use it only when the pipe is under
the bathroom floor




For sink/washstand/washing machine: for 50mm big plughole       
Only for the exposed type drain pipe like sink/washstand/
washing machine







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Drain Trap_HASTOP_Prevent yucky smell insect and bacteria

Drain Trap_HASTOP_Prevent yucky smell insect and bacteria