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Care-Ae shower head (CS 500)

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  • Size236 * 72 * 135 mm
  • Weight385 g

[DEWBELL Co.,Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

1. Feature.
1) Emits the negative ions.
The water flows in whirls by mingling with the air. Also, emits a lot of far-infrared radiation with making the water flow more finely

2) Magnetizer
The shower head is built-in the magnetizer. Water molecules are polarized (organized) and the water takes on a net positive (+) charge by magnetizer. The changed water has soft water characteristic.

3) Softens the water by air bubble
Softens the water by mingling with air bubbles and get improved detergency of water. The principle is same to the lather of soap

4) Fine hole plate of shower head
The water through fine holes plate has fine water streams and negative ions.

5) The sediment filter
The sediment fitter removes rust and harmful substances contained in the water, and helpful for atopic disease, dry skin and hair

6) lilite balls and zeolite balls
The illite ball has antimicrobial effects. Also, emits far-infrared radiation.

2. Installation.
1) Upon release of the product, it comes with two rubber packings.
2) Connect the shower head to hose after inserting the mesh.
3) If water leaks at the joint, insert an extra rubber packing and connect it.

3. How to change the filter (Filter Lifespan: 1~3 months)
-Replacement Cycle: Approx. 1~3 months
-If the filter is contaminated completely or water pressure get remarkably lower, the life of the filter is ended, So disassemble the connecting part by turning about 10 degree and change the filter with a new one. 




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Care_Ae shower head _CS 500_

Care_Ae shower head _CS 500_

Care_Ae shower head _CS 500_

Care_Ae shower head _CS 500_