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Shower head with filter (CS-100)

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Shower head with filter (CS-100)

1. Increased water pressure
More than doubles water pressure. Makes the stream of the water finer by filtering it through a finely-holed plate, processed in two stages. Also, softens the water flow from high pressure caused by the Bernoulli Effect.

2. Removes rust and harmful substances
Removes rust and harmful substances contained in the water from your shower, and helpful for atopic disease, dry skin and hair

3. Save money on gas and water bills.
Saves on gas and water bills by using less water. Pressurized water saves up to 60% - high water pressure due to finely-holed plate

4. Massage and negative ions
Makes showering experience much more enjoyable via ceramic balls that remove harmful substances and algae-related odor from the water


*Replacement cycle*

The average filter life will be approx. 1~3 months. Replacement of a filter is indicated
when the filter is totally contaminated or the flow rate is no longer acceptable.
Filter life can therefore vary from the average.

To change a filter, simply separate the shower head from body and exchange the old filter for a new filter

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Shower head with filter -CS-100-

Shower head with filter -CS-100-

Shower head with filter -CS-100-