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Water filter system F-15

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Water filter system F-15

1. Removes rust, harmful substances and residual chlorine concentrations in water
Sand, sediment, and debris can come from the water lines that supply your water from the city. In addition, showering in chlorinated water can produce harmful effects for your skin and hair. Removing the chlorine with this filter system will make your shower water more comfortable.

2. Good for your skin and hair
Removes rust and harmful substances contained in water for your shower. Also helpful for relieving atopic diseases, as well as preventing dry skin and hair.

3. Extremely simple and easy.
It's very simple to install the filter system wherever you want to, with options such as for shower line, basin line, washing machine, and more. Changing filters is also very easy. Just screw open the cap and change only the inner filter after 1 to 3 months of usage.

4. High capacity filter
Standard for family of four, the average replacement of a filter is approx. 1~3 months
For old plumbing and lots of rust, filter lifespan is approx. 1 month


 For shower line

For skin line 


F15_For shower line
Good for hair and dry skin when taking shower 



 F15_For skin line
Removes chlorine in water
when washing dishes, fruit and so on


 For wash line

 For washing machine


 F15_For washbasin line
Removes residual soap, rust and harmful shbstances when washing.
Good for your skin



 F15_For washing machine
Save water and detergent usage by improving effectiveness of detergent, and protects the environment.



 Economy Quality

General Quality 

High Quality 

Conbined Quality 

- Economy : Removes rust, harmful substances.
- General : Removes rust, harmful substances, as well as residual chlorine.
- High : Removes rust, harmful substances, and has an improved filter for residual chlorine.
- Combine : 1st sediment filter removes rust, harmful substances. / 2nd carbon block filter removes heavy metal and residual chlorine.


- High density of the filter
- Tightly packed with tourmaline and ceramic balls
- Ceramic: removes harmful substances and residual chlorine in water
- Tourmaline: breaks apart water molecules and
- improves the effectiveness of detergents; additionally, emits negative ions.

Tourmaline ceramic ball :
Good for the human body due to antacid effects, negative ions, and far infrared radiation by the pyroelectric properties of tourmaline. In addition, improves the antibacterial effects of products.

Ceramic ball :
Removes odor and prevents color loss by removing chlorine from the water by degradation effects of ceramic balls.

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Water filter system F-15

Water filter system F-15

Water filter system F-15

Water filter system F-15

Water filter system F-15