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Water filter system Sink ah

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Water filter system Sink ah

1. The Quality of Water
The quality of daily water for cooking, dishing, and washing is very important for the health of you and your family.

2. Remove Harmful Materials in Sink Water
S changes your sink water to be clean and safe for cooking, dishing, and washing

3. Easy Installation and Filter Change
It takes only 30 seconds to install S or change the refill filter (no tools required).

4. Save Water Use
The 875 tiny holes on the two-fold stainless plate of S make water pressure 2 times or more stronger, making it possible to cut down your water use between 30% to 60%

5. Natural Anion Effect
The 875 tiny holes of S produce a lot of fresh anions (which are very good for your health) as in waterfalls

6. Very Economical
You don't have to change the whole S system, just inner filter (when its life span is over)




Faucet types

Installation example 



For spray line



High Grade 




 ACF Carbon Filter


For cobra line



 High Grade



 Need to purchase separate Replacement sink cobra line if the connecting part doesn't fit Or your skin line is pipe type

 ACF Carbon Fliter


- 100% polypropylene :
It is an approved material in FDA and harmless; additionally, it also has good chemical resistance.
Adhesive, surfactant and silicone FREE
Inner diameter of the filter is uniform, so filtering capacity is superior.

A lot of patents about filter systems with high quality filter


The filter is composed a sediment filter on the outside and a carbon block filter on the inside
This is Dewbell's newest filtering system
It’s small, but has very high capacity
The filter is designed to be separated between the inside of 1st filter and the outside of 1st filter
The 1st sediment filter removes rust and harmful substances that come from the pipe
The 2nd carbon block filter removes heavy metal and residual chlorine, and also soften the water.  In addition, it’s made by the block making method, and has a large surface area (800m2 per 1g)

There are many patents concerning filter systems with high quality filter

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Water filter system Sink ah

Water filter system Sink ah

Water filter system Sink ah

Water filter system Sink ah

Water filter system Sink ah